STANLEY Inspection, offers solutions and services that no other company is able to offer.

Each of these services will be inclusive of a fully-qualified team that will come out to your site and inspect your project to ensure it is safe and operating smoothly.

Inspection processes or component issues often demand complex investigative solutions that require a qualified third-party perspective. STANLEY Inspection engineering personnel works in conjunction with our Project Management teams to deliver innovative solutions that address today’s newest inspection applications and the challenges that come with them. STANLEY Inspection’s proven engineering expertise ensures integrity, safety, and efficiency throughout all phases of operation. Engineering personnel are available for both long and short-term project assignments as required. Areas of focus include piping, mechanical, electrical, and overall project engineering.

We provide bespoke solutions to the following industries:

• Oil & Gas
• Power Generation
• Mining

• Construction
• Renewable Energy
• Petrochemicals

Heat Treatment Services

STANLEY Inspection South Africa provides electrical surface heating, refractory dryout and curing, ladle drying, and onsite pre as well as post-weld heat treatment. We also offer high-velocity fuel-fired heat treatment, furnace heat solutions, and thermal stress analysis.

• Induction Heat Treatment
• Combustion Heat Treatment
• Electrical Resistance Heat Treatment

NDT Services

• Conventional compression and shear wave ultrasonic inspection
• Wall thickness ultrasonic testing
• Phased array ultrasonic inspection – including TFM (Total focus method)
• Time of flight ultrasonic inspection
• B-Scan and C-Scan corrosion mapping
• Immersion ultrasonic – Fully customizable
• Guided wave ultrasonic (GUL)
• Conventional x-ray and Gama ray Radiography
• Computer radiography
• Close proximity radiography
• Fluorescent and visible magnetic particle inspection
• Fluorescent and visible dye penetrant inspection
• Magnetic flux leakage (MFL)
• Leeb hardness testing
• Ultrasonic contact impedance (UCI) hardness testing
• XRF Positive material identification (XRF PMI) – for alloys
• Spark Positive material identification (XRF PMI) – used for carbon content
• IRIS tube inspection
• Eddy current tube inspection
• Magnetic flux tube inspection
• Remote field tube inspection
• 3D corrosion mapping – Seikowave
• Laser profilometry
• Endoscopic inspection
• Visual inspection
• Infrared thermography
• Metallographic replication
• Remnant life assessment
• Coating inspection
• Welding inspection